Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mason Jar Candles

So i have a semi addiction to mason jars, whether they be new limited edition vintage look blue tint jars (which I used for this project) or gorgeous vintage ones with clip tops and glass twist on tops that I find while antiquing. I use them for everything around the house from baking supplies in the kitchen or q-tips and cotton pads in the bathroom. I probably have over 100 lol it`s clearly becoming a problem.

When we first moved into the house this summer I found a bunch of rogue ones in the shed out back and decided to make candles with them since  most were missing tops of frankly to crusty for me to every want to put things I use into, even after cleaning them lol.

My first time around I made quite a few mistakes and learned from them so this time I had a list of what not to do`s. Since a lot of you seemed interested in making some as well I figured I would share with all of you what I learned the first time around. Not to mention it`s the perfect time for year for some of you to get into this D.I.Y p0roject because they would make great Christmas presents!


-Mason jars (medium and small jars work best)
-Brick of wax
-Clothes pins
-Wicks (you can buy pre cut ones but I opted to buy a large spool of them)
-Wax melting tin
-Wax thermometer 
-Scented oils and or scented wax tablets

It is a little pricey to get started but if you are planning on doing them for presents it will for sure balance out. Not to mention once you have all the supplies you`re set for the next time.

I like to buy most of my crafting supplies at Micheal`s. They are a little over priced but they have amazing coupons, and even have an app you can download on your phone that will update with all the weekly 40% off coupons. Before I got started on this project I spent 2 weeks hoarding coupons and making multiple trips to get the best deals.

You can buy the wax melting tin in a little starter pack at micheals for $40 which includes the thermometer, some tin forms for smaller candles, some scents, a small brick of wax and some wicks. I used my 40% coupon on this and then got the at cash 50% coupon for the following week. I then went back and bough that giant brick of wax which is $50 before my 50% off coupon. And at the same time used the 40% weekly coupon to get the large spool of wicks which was $40 before discount. I also bought some oil scents.

Now you don`t have to be a Micheal`s coupon addict like me to do this project but it took it from over $130 to start to about $70 so it`s well worth it. Alright enough with the cheapo talks onto the crafting.

Start by filling a large pot of water up halfway and placing it on the over on high to start boiling. I have messed up a large pot over the years from crafting so I use that for this type of thing. If you don`t have a pot you aren`t worried about messing up, be sure to stop by a value village or second hand store and pick up a dumpy old pot cause they will get messed up.

Now line up all your jars measure out the wicks and place them with the clothes pins on the mouths of your mason jars. Getting the wicks centered can be painfully annoying as an fyi.

Make sure the wick and clothes pins are placed sideways on your jars to make it easier to pour later

Break of some wax from your brick ( I used a hammer and crowbar). Place it in your wax pot with the thermometer clipped inside and set in all inside the pot of boiling water.

Stir every once in a while and check water levels in pot as it evaporates be sure to add more. Once all wax is melted (takes at least 20 minutes) check thermometer and wait till it hits the optimal melting point temp marked on the specific wax you purchased. Mine was 125c. Once you hit your temp level add in scents or color additions (all can be purchased at micheal`s where wax is sold). Stir and prepair to pour.

Pouring is CRUTIAL in how your handles turn out. SO READ THIS PART CAREFULLY.

Place an oven mitt on your non pouring hand and use it to help you steady your pour. POUR AS SLOWLY AS POSSIBLE. 

If you do not slow pour you will end up with massive air bubbles on the inside of your candle and will impede it from ever burning properly or for a long period of time. This was my big mistake I made the first time around and most of my candles were pretty much useless due to this

Allow wax to settle and harden for a few hours and then melt a bit more wax. During the hardening of the wax your candle will sink down around the wick. Go back in again with a slow pour to fill in these sunken parts, ensure to not just fill sunken parts but pour enough to reach the mouth on all sides of the candle so that after setting you can not tell this second step was done. Once those have set you are good to go!

Be sure to let me know if any of you guys try this out and  feel free to write me here if you have any questions! Happy crafting!