Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pretty Things

I have been on THE HUNT lately for the perfect chairs for our kitchen and we (and by we I mean my mom lol) finally found some recently on kijiji and I am in love!

I plan on recovering the seats with something to match the kitchen better but that won't come till after floors are re-done cause that is #1 on my DIY list!

I found this awesome old frame on my way home from work one day out on the street! You can't tell in the photo but the cream part is actually textured canvas. Can't wait to find the perfect piece to frame in this.

I got 2 new pairs of glasses last week and I LOVE THEM! It's been years since I treated myself to new ones since I only ever really wear them around the house. But it was time for a new prescription and I got AMAZING deal on I ended up with 2 new pairs for only the cost of the shipping! (they have a facebook promo code through till the end of October so go follow them to get a free pair). Here are my pretty new retro feeling frames!

And super random, but I always see photos of these online and I died a little inside when we spotted one in person the other week while in the Market!

And on that random note I am pooped and need to get to bed. I work part time cause my life is awesome like that, but we are in our busy season. I have been working loads of overtime all month. Sooooo tired and not really excited for work tomorrow, lol though I love my job! Night all!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What We Ate Wednesday

Sent Nate to pick up some chicken and he decided on this one due to the price... Satan's Meat!

Cold lazy night called for some Chinese take out! I really liked my fortune...

Steak, pork shops, garlic mash and asparagus.

Grill cheese, carrots and pickled asparagus.

Salmon, baked potato and asparagus (clearly it was a theme this week lol)

Cute little cupcake from the wedding we went to on the weekend.

I am always to hungry after I post these lol, off to make dinner!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dinner Adventures: Izakaya

Lately we have been on a big kick of only going to eat a places we haven't tried before. But exceptions need to be made from time to time. We did go to Izakaya for brunch at the start of the summer. Everything was sooooo good that it was on our to do list to go back for dinner.

It was a cold rainy night but the place was still packed! Luckily our friends work there and got us an awesome booth a little away from all the people. It was a perfect and cozy little setting to settle in and prepare to feast!

To start off we of course got some drinks. They have a pretty cool cocktail section I decided to go with the Hello Kitty, Nate had an Okanagan IPA.

 (Nate being tough and me enjoying my girlie delight!)

Then we went on to some amazing appetizers. The Asian slaw we had tried at brunch and it was a must to have again, along with it we got the pork belly skewers. OMG this stuff was crunchy on the outside and the rest literally melted in your mouth! I could have eaten 10 of them all to myself lol. (sorry in advance for the inconsistency in pictures my camera was acting all wonky that night)

After stuffing our faces on those tasty treats it was on to dinner! Nate had the steak with tempura onion rings (they were EPIC) on sweet potato mash. I had the night special of Bison! Yes I said Bison, along with roasted potatoes and veg. It was so amazing the way the chef blended such odd flavours together you would never imagine putting together and they just seemed like flawless and perfect combinations.

Now I won't  say that by any means this place is cheap cause it's not lol. But it was well worth every cent we spent. The servings were a great size not the tiny droppings on a plate you expect to see at pricey restaurants, and everything we had was amazing. We were so full close to the end but couldn't bring ourselves to leave anything on the plates we cleaned them dry! My only complaint would be that it took us a while to get our main meals, though it was a busy friday night and there were a few larger groups seated. Other than that, great service, great food and a great atmosphere. We would definitely not shy away from heading there for dinner again!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nail Of The Week

Here is my last grasp at summer! Now onto fall and holiday nails.....

-Forever 21 Love and Beauty Teal/Seafoam
-Essie Good To Go top coat (yes I am hooked on this one, no air bubbles and a super shine to it)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Montreal Tattoo Convention!

I love getting out to conventions and spending the weekend with awesome friends. I used to work conventions so it's nice to just head out there now and relax have a drink with everyone, peruse the vendors, get some tattoos done and just have fun!

After the Toronto convention this ones my second favorite to go too. They always have SOOOOO many amazing traditional artists in town for the convention and since it's my favorite style of tattoos I get to walk around like a geek and nerd out on amazing artists doing their thing. And over the years I have been lucky enough to get tattooed by some of my favorite artists at this show.

This year we were just down for the  day and I really just wanted to relax and enjoy seeing and hanging out with some awesome friends that I don't get to see to often.

First off it was so rad to spend the day reliving the good old days with my old boss Damian who runs and the Toronto tattoo convention. Got to see one of my fave photographers from when I used to model Steve Prue. Me and Nate got the chance to shoot with him for his spreads for a few different tattoo magazines covering the convention.

I spent part of my afternoon selling swag for at the New Moon booth which was great cause it meant I got to see the talented Glen and Milena (who is apparently a secret creeper of my blog or so she told me so Hi Milena!) work up close and personal and spent a little time with their ever awesome boss Dan Allaston!

I picked up a few goodies...

Super cute printed tank and some awesome post cards for my pen pals that were printed on wood!

Though we planned on staying in town a bit late and heading to the bar with everyone after the convention the weather was complete garbage that day. With wind that could legit push you down the street so we headed back early like the old folks we are and hit the sack!

Also on a tattoo note, I started my back outline this week with the magical Rob Chambers from The Ink Spot. He is such a talented dude that me and Nate count lucky to call our friend. We got all the basic outlines done but have some blood lines still to put in so once that is all done I will get some pictures of the progress up for you guys!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nail Of The Week

Fall is here! And it is making me feel festive aka my nails are getting darker. I got some cool nail stickers in the mail this week as well that I have been playing around with.

Revlon- Base+Top coat ( not sure if I love this one but I must say my mani didn't chip for 3 days)
F21 Love&Beauty - Mauve/ Purple (but really It's more of a burgundy)

I used the middle nail guides here to get the shape I had going on this week

I loved this look and am fairly obsessed with this color for fall!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What We Ate Wednesday

Alright so last week my in-laws were in town. AKA it gave us many excuses to go out and feast at all our favorite places! Here is our week in food picture form lol

We spent one afternoon in the market, took them around to all our favorite stores and vendors and picked up along the way an epic feast! Meats and almonds and smoked gouda from La Bottega, 2 types of brie that we baked from House Of Cheese, baby cucumbers and baby heirloom tomatoes from market stands, Baguettes from The French Baker and roasted garlic that we had got a while back at the Garlic Festival in Perth

The epicness that is The Smoque Shack

Beaver Tails!

Pho at my family's favorite spot for over a decade The Spring Roll House Cafe in Hintonburg

We also went to BOM Burgers on Somerset which was AMAZING from the service to the food but I forgot to bring my camera lol. And we went to Murray Street as well for lunch one day and I can't describe the food magic that was had there we will be heading back for a dinner in the near future for sure!( my camera battery died that day cause we were out doing all types of tourist stuff before lunch)

I made some white wine tomato cream sauce with roasted red peppers and garlic served with some chicken for me and Nate on Sunday

Annnnd I have been feasting on locally grown nectarines this week from the Byward Market!

Needless to say this week I am detoxing from all the redic amount of food we had but it's nice to splurge like that every now and then!