Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What We Ate Wednesday

Porch snacks while hanging outside with the pups

Breakfast at my moms house
Steaks, potato sweet potato mash w garlic from the garlic festival, and salad w my moms addictive home made ceaser dressing

Egg Salad for lunch w some delish local pickled asparagus!

And again on the local front steamed broccoli and pan fried turkey sausage from the farmers market!

Weddings and Sock Buns

I had the pleasure of going to my childhood best friends wedding this weekend! We grew up literally next door to each other and we're the most ridiculous overly hyper children on the face of the earth! It's so crazy to think that now we're both all grown up and married setting out on new adventures in life. It was so great to be a  part of her special day.

She asked me to help her out a bit and teach her how to do her wedding make-up after having a horrible make-up trial. She felt more comfortable just doing it on her own.

Not the best lighting to show off the make-up but here is the happy bride to be stoked on the new skills I taught her:
The gorgeous couple clearly stoked on their special day:

She looked so gorgeous and I couldn't help but cry through the whole ceremony, I am a sucker for weddings.

Here's what I wore and my hair ( I am sure I will find some pictures of us from that day eventually but right now I got nada hence the pieced together photos)



Hair by my magical hair dresser Sharon

Pretty much obsessed with the sock bun she created for me and it literally took 10 mins max for the the whole thing. I plan on doing a more simple version all the time at home and figured I'd share with you guys the super simple to follow photo tutorial I found online.

You will need an elastic, one sock with the toe cut off (or 2 for a thicker bun) and some bobby tins just for any little fly aways

It takes a few tries to get it right but after that it's so easy!

And on that note I am sad wedding season is over, I love any excuse to get dressed up!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Help Save These Puppies!

My friend Isabel's Pit Bull fathered 5 pups with her boyfriends mothers Boston Terrier. When they were born they decided to keep one. At 8 weeks two were adopted. People were supposed to take the other two  backed out so her boyfriends mother who has the Boston kept them till a good home was found.

They had a big fenced in yard with a huge dog house. Isabel would often bring her puppy out to play with it's brother and sister that still had not been adopted.

 A few days ago the little female started getting sick. The vet said she had parvo. Most likely from one of the parents carrying it as its a strong living virus.

 Canine parvovirus is a contagious virus mainly affecting dogs. The disease is highly contagious and is spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces. It can be especially severe in puppies that are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination. It has two distinct presentations, a cardiac and intestinal form. The common signs of the intestinal form are severe vomiting and dysentery. The cardiac form causes respiratory or cardiovascular failure in young puppies. Treatment often involves veterinary hospitalization.  Mortality can reach 91% in untreated cases.

 She went to the vet who initially said that her treatment would be over 4000$, She did the best she could to save her but unfortunately it was too late and she passed away. (the female who passed away earlier this week was the one in the center of her 2 brothers who are now fighting the same sickness)

Knowing that her pup was likely to have Parvo Isabel and her bf rushed him to the vet who gave him a better chance because it was detected a little earlier. (their pup at the vet)

This has been a HUGE financial strain on them not to mention they are now attempting to save not only their own pup along with the other unadopted  brother  which they really cannot afford.  But reguardeless they we're not willing to just let him die. (this is Mike the unadopted pup)

 They  had enough for a first run of medication by shots but they are still doing most of it at home as they don't have enough to leave him at the vets to get all the proper care he needs.

They don't know how much help he will need or even if their own pup will be ok with the short stay at the vet they can afford. This virus can be cured. It just needs a lot of help. They really just want to give these 2 dogs a real chance and it's just money that's in the way right now.

 Basically they need a bit of help and the two puppies will grow up to be amazing dogs. Miko, the un adopted dog is so amazingly sweet and if he survives in in search for his forever home. He is about 13 weeks old now. They won't be asking for money to adopt him but they want to make sure it foes to someone they know or a friend of a friend so he can go to a good home.

 They live in the Montreal area but would be willing to drive him out to Ottawa if all goes well with his treatments. So that he could be in a loving home.

Every little bit helps. 

Please donate to save these 2 puppies and help find Miko his forever home.

Donations are being accepted via PayPal and in Canada email money transfers both to the following email address:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Drew Linden Giveaway!

Here is a fun new feature on an amazing friend I made while living in San Diego!

Drew Linden Tattooer, and gypsy lady living in New York. She learned how to tattoo in San Diego California and returns regularly for guest spots.

 Me and Drew at the amazing 25th birthday party she threw for me at the Beauty Bar in San Diego

She currently works at Twelve 28 tattoo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Doing lots of fun little things like painting, singing and dancing around on the drop of a dime. She is a dear friend of mine and an amazing artist so I am excited to showcase her work for you guys here.

She did my magical little tomahawk (not the best picture lol sorry)

Pictures of her more recent work

Drew is also an amazing painter

You can purchase her flash sheets and original paintings through her online Etsy store. You can follow her work online through her Website . And follow her on Twitter too!

Now onto the contest!

How To Win:

Below are details on how to win this 10 and 3/4 x 13 inch flash print from Drew Linden!

1.You can get one entry to this contest by simply commenting " I Love Drew Linden's Art!" on this blog entry

 2.You can also get an entry by adding both me and Drew on Twitter and tweeting the following " Dearest @MissWrenxo and @Drewlinden I want to win the Drew Linden Flash Giveaway!!"

That gives you all 2 chances to win this awesome flash print by Drew!!

I will be doing the draw next Monday so you all have a week to enter, good luck to everyone!

*plz make sure you guys are leaving me a way to get a hold of you if you win*

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Garlic Festival?!

Yes there really is such a thing. My parents live in a small town called Perth  just outside of Ottawa. We went down for the weekend to get out of the city and it just happened to be their local garlic festival. We clearly felt the need to check it out lol.

Lots of interesting locals lol.

 I picked up some awesome cooking goodies. Stoked to test out some different types of garlic and feast on garlic pesto, scape relish and some pickled asparagus!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What We Ate Wednesdays

So we love to eat, not every meal is exactly recipe worthy but that doesn't mean I don't like to take photos of it. This weekly post will essentially be a weekly photo dump of our little feasts

Apple crisp

Potato crust quiche

Testing my hand at some fruit ice for my nightly drinks on the porch

Lettuce and tomatoes fresh from our neighbours downtown veg garden. I made a delish pear and shrimp salad with the lettuce along with homemade honey garlic dressing

And on that note I am off to make lunch lol

What We Ate Wednesday: Dog Editon

I often have followers online ask what we feed our Bostons because they can be pretty picky eaters and a lot of Bostons have sensitive stomachs. I figured What We Eat Wednesdays would be a good day to fill you guys in on what the pups eat too.

Now Lemmy is 9 months old and since day one will eat anything in his way, hes not picky at all. He is still on Nutrience Puppy till next month. Dolly was a different story. We tried her on about 4 different foods over 3 months and she would puke them all up, and would get to point where she would just stop eating them all together. Once we started her on Nutrience Dog Food all the puking stopped. Shes still never been exactly eager to eat so we tend to put some wet food on top of her dry food to get her a little more stoked on meal time.

This food is a little more pricey then you grocery store food, but that stuff is pretty much like junk food for your dogs. Most of the stuff on the ingredients on those bags you can't even pronounce. I prefer to spend a little extra and know the quality of food our pups are getting.

Treat wise they get Old Mother Hubbard bones daily. And for special treats they eith er get pigs ears of their new fave is BBQ smoked rib bones!

We also buy everything for our dogs from a local Centertown independent pet store called Pet Circus. They have such a great staff! The owner has Bostons himself and is always around to chat with us about the pups and spoil them with treats. I wouldn't want to spend our money anywhere else.

My next dog mission is to make my own treats for them but all the recipes I find don't have a shelf life much longer than a week or two. So I am on the hunt for a better recipe.

What do you guys feed your dogs? Any treats to suggest?