Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weddings and Sock Buns

I had the pleasure of going to my childhood best friends wedding this weekend! We grew up literally next door to each other and we're the most ridiculous overly hyper children on the face of the earth! It's so crazy to think that now we're both all grown up and married setting out on new adventures in life. It was so great to be a  part of her special day.

She asked me to help her out a bit and teach her how to do her wedding make-up after having a horrible make-up trial. She felt more comfortable just doing it on her own.

Not the best lighting to show off the make-up but here is the happy bride to be stoked on the new skills I taught her:
The gorgeous couple clearly stoked on their special day:

She looked so gorgeous and I couldn't help but cry through the whole ceremony, I am a sucker for weddings.

Here's what I wore and my hair ( I am sure I will find some pictures of us from that day eventually but right now I got nada hence the pieced together photos)



Hair by my magical hair dresser Sharon

Pretty much obsessed with the sock bun she created for me and it literally took 10 mins max for the the whole thing. I plan on doing a more simple version all the time at home and figured I'd share with you guys the super simple to follow photo tutorial I found online.

You will need an elastic, one sock with the toe cut off (or 2 for a thicker bun) and some bobby tins just for any little fly aways

It takes a few tries to get it right but after that it's so easy!

And on that note I am sad wedding season is over, I love any excuse to get dressed up!