Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What We Ate Wednesday: Dog Editon

I often have followers online ask what we feed our Bostons because they can be pretty picky eaters and a lot of Bostons have sensitive stomachs. I figured What We Eat Wednesdays would be a good day to fill you guys in on what the pups eat too.

Now Lemmy is 9 months old and since day one will eat anything in his way, hes not picky at all. He is still on Nutrience Puppy till next month. Dolly was a different story. We tried her on about 4 different foods over 3 months and she would puke them all up, and would get to point where she would just stop eating them all together. Once we started her on Nutrience Dog Food all the puking stopped. Shes still never been exactly eager to eat so we tend to put some wet food on top of her dry food to get her a little more stoked on meal time.

This food is a little more pricey then you grocery store food, but that stuff is pretty much like junk food for your dogs. Most of the stuff on the ingredients on those bags you can't even pronounce. I prefer to spend a little extra and know the quality of food our pups are getting.

Treat wise they get Old Mother Hubbard bones daily. And for special treats they eith er get pigs ears of their new fave is BBQ smoked rib bones!

We also buy everything for our dogs from a local Centertown independent pet store called Pet Circus. They have such a great staff! The owner has Bostons himself and is always around to chat with us about the pups and spoil them with treats. I wouldn't want to spend our money anywhere else.

My next dog mission is to make my own treats for them but all the recipes I find don't have a shelf life much longer than a week or two. So I am on the hunt for a better recipe.

What do you guys feed your dogs? Any treats to suggest?