Friday, August 3, 2012

Preciously Mine Giveaway!!!!

Alright guys so as a fun edition to the new blog I will be Featuring some of my very talented friends and the things they do/run/make. Along with some of these fun features I will be doing some awesome giveaways!

First on the block is my gorgeous and talented friend Audrey, the master mind behind .

This French Canadian beauty currently lives in California with her handsome boyfriend. Living the life with season passes to Disney Land! She half makes me miss living in California lol. You can follow Audrey on twitter HERE and on Tumblr HERE

 She has a cute little workshop down there where she crafts amazing hand made and custom bags, purses, wallets and other fun surprises!

Her products sell super fast on but she updates it weekly with super cute new designs so you are best to check back often. Though it could be dangerous on the bank account!

Now comes the best part

 Audrey being the sweetheart that she is wants to give you all the chance to will one of her designs!

This amazing clutch was hand made by Audrey this week just for all you awesome readers!

How To Win:

1.You can get one entry to this contest by simply commenting " I love Preciously Mine" on this blog entry

 2.You can also get an entry by adding both me and Audrey on twitter and tweeting the following " Dearest @MissWrenxo and @AudreyPrecious I want to win the Giveaway!!! "

That gives you all 2 chances to win this amazing bag!

I will be doing the draw next weekend so you all have a week to enter, good luck to everyone!

*plz make sure you guys are leaving me a way to get a hold of you if you win*