Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pretty Things

I have been on THE HUNT lately for the perfect chairs for our kitchen and we (and by we I mean my mom lol) finally found some recently on kijiji and I am in love!

I plan on recovering the seats with something to match the kitchen better but that won't come till after floors are re-done cause that is #1 on my DIY list!

I found this awesome old frame on my way home from work one day out on the street! You can't tell in the photo but the cream part is actually textured canvas. Can't wait to find the perfect piece to frame in this.

I got 2 new pairs of glasses last week and I LOVE THEM! It's been years since I treated myself to new ones since I only ever really wear them around the house. But it was time for a new prescription and I got AMAZING deal on I ended up with 2 new pairs for only the cost of the shipping! (they have a facebook promo code through till the end of October so go follow them to get a free pair). Here are my pretty new retro feeling frames!

And super random, but I always see photos of these online and I died a little inside when we spotted one in person the other week while in the Market!

And on that random note I am pooped and need to get to bed. I work part time cause my life is awesome like that, but we are in our busy season. I have been working loads of overtime all month. Sooooo tired and not really excited for work tomorrow, lol though I love my job! Night all!