Sunday, September 16, 2012

Montreal Tattoo Convention!

I love getting out to conventions and spending the weekend with awesome friends. I used to work conventions so it's nice to just head out there now and relax have a drink with everyone, peruse the vendors, get some tattoos done and just have fun!

After the Toronto convention this ones my second favorite to go too. They always have SOOOOO many amazing traditional artists in town for the convention and since it's my favorite style of tattoos I get to walk around like a geek and nerd out on amazing artists doing their thing. And over the years I have been lucky enough to get tattooed by some of my favorite artists at this show.

This year we were just down for the  day and I really just wanted to relax and enjoy seeing and hanging out with some awesome friends that I don't get to see to often.

First off it was so rad to spend the day reliving the good old days with my old boss Damian who runs and the Toronto tattoo convention. Got to see one of my fave photographers from when I used to model Steve Prue. Me and Nate got the chance to shoot with him for his spreads for a few different tattoo magazines covering the convention.

I spent part of my afternoon selling swag for at the New Moon booth which was great cause it meant I got to see the talented Glen and Milena (who is apparently a secret creeper of my blog or so she told me so Hi Milena!) work up close and personal and spent a little time with their ever awesome boss Dan Allaston!

I picked up a few goodies...

Super cute printed tank and some awesome post cards for my pen pals that were printed on wood!

Though we planned on staying in town a bit late and heading to the bar with everyone after the convention the weather was complete garbage that day. With wind that could legit push you down the street so we headed back early like the old folks we are and hit the sack!

Also on a tattoo note, I started my back outline this week with the magical Rob Chambers from The Ink Spot. He is such a talented dude that me and Nate count lucky to call our friend. We got all the basic outlines done but have some blood lines still to put in so once that is all done I will get some pictures of the progress up for you guys!