Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dinner Adventures: Izakaya

Lately we have been on a big kick of only going to eat a places we haven't tried before. But exceptions need to be made from time to time. We did go to Izakaya for brunch at the start of the summer. Everything was sooooo good that it was on our to do list to go back for dinner.

It was a cold rainy night but the place was still packed! Luckily our friends work there and got us an awesome booth a little away from all the people. It was a perfect and cozy little setting to settle in and prepare to feast!

To start off we of course got some drinks. They have a pretty cool cocktail section I decided to go with the Hello Kitty, Nate had an Okanagan IPA.

 (Nate being tough and me enjoying my girlie delight!)

Then we went on to some amazing appetizers. The Asian slaw we had tried at brunch and it was a must to have again, along with it we got the pork belly skewers. OMG this stuff was crunchy on the outside and the rest literally melted in your mouth! I could have eaten 10 of them all to myself lol. (sorry in advance for the inconsistency in pictures my camera was acting all wonky that night)

After stuffing our faces on those tasty treats it was on to dinner! Nate had the steak with tempura onion rings (they were EPIC) on sweet potato mash. I had the night special of Bison! Yes I said Bison, along with roasted potatoes and veg. It was so amazing the way the chef blended such odd flavours together you would never imagine putting together and they just seemed like flawless and perfect combinations.

Now I won't  say that by any means this place is cheap cause it's not lol. But it was well worth every cent we spent. The servings were a great size not the tiny droppings on a plate you expect to see at pricey restaurants, and everything we had was amazing. We were so full close to the end but couldn't bring ourselves to leave anything on the plates we cleaned them dry! My only complaint would be that it took us a while to get our main meals, though it was a busy friday night and there were a few larger groups seated. Other than that, great service, great food and a great atmosphere. We would definitely not shy away from heading there for dinner again!