Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What We Ate Wednesday

Alright so last week my in-laws were in town. AKA it gave us many excuses to go out and feast at all our favorite places! Here is our week in food picture form lol

We spent one afternoon in the market, took them around to all our favorite stores and vendors and picked up along the way an epic feast! Meats and almonds and smoked gouda from La Bottega, 2 types of brie that we baked from House Of Cheese, baby cucumbers and baby heirloom tomatoes from market stands, Baguettes from The French Baker and roasted garlic that we had got a while back at the Garlic Festival in Perth

The epicness that is The Smoque Shack

Beaver Tails!

Pho at my family's favorite spot for over a decade The Spring Roll House Cafe in Hintonburg

We also went to BOM Burgers on Somerset which was AMAZING from the service to the food but I forgot to bring my camera lol. And we went to Murray Street as well for lunch one day and I can't describe the food magic that was had there we will be heading back for a dinner in the near future for sure!( my camera battery died that day cause we were out doing all types of tourist stuff before lunch)

I made some white wine tomato cream sauce with roasted red peppers and garlic served with some chicken for me and Nate on Sunday

Annnnd I have been feasting on locally grown nectarines this week from the Byward Market!

Needless to say this week I am detoxing from all the redic amount of food we had but it's nice to splurge like that every now and then!