Monday, September 3, 2012

Retail Therapy: Gypsy & Company Edition

I recently went to my favorite local vintage store Gypsy & Company run by my two awesome friends Aria and Tyler. I found the perfect edition to my cowboy boot collection! Do you know how hard it is top find vintage boots in anything bigger than  a size 6? I was clearly beyond stoked. Dear cool weather hurry up so I can wear these new beauts!

After recently celebrating their 1 year anniversary over at Gypsy & Company, my lovely friends decided it's time to renovate! To kick off the renos they are giving their clients this AMAZING offer!

Gypsy & Company Save It For A Rainy Day Store Credit

These "store credit" vouchers will be available through the end of September only folks, so take advantage of this deal while you still can!

$25.00 : $30 in store credit
$50.00 : $70 in store credit
$100.00 : $130 in store credit
$200.00 : $250 in store credit

The rules are simple : you can use your store credit any time AFTER the day of purchase. You can use it all at once or break it up over several purchases, but it applies to vintage clothing only. (guys or gals.) You can absolutely buy them for someone else.
The store credit never expires, and since you pay tax when you purchase the voucher, you pay no tax on the amount of the card when you leave with your treasures!
If youy love vintage and awesome local shops please help kick start their renos!
p.s. keep your eyes peeled for an awesome giveaway with Gypsy and Co here on the blog this fall!