Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Christmas Round-Up

We had a perfect Christmas here at the Silverii household filled with lots of family traditions and great company!

First on the traditions list was spending Christmas eve at our family friends house who we have a seafood feast with every year on Christmas eve for as long as I can remember! This year we added in a dirty gift exchange! it made for more laughs than usual to say the least lol. I ended up with a fun gift but nate brough home a bottle opener that makes orgasm noises when you use it.... yay! NOT lol though he is pretty amused by it! Also there were stress ball boobs and penises lol, beer opening rings, penis pasta and lots of other weird wonders

 (apparently there were sperm inside the stress ball penis...)
 (beer bottle opening rings super powers!)


Needless to say we all got off to a semi late start Christmas morning. This was our first year being able to host Christmas morning at our house! It feels so nice to have a home you want to share with other people. We were a small group this year just us the dogs and my parents but it was a perfect day. We opened gifts, relaxed and watched It's a Wonderful Life ( a must in my family for the holidays) while the turkey cooked. Then settled in for a nice little Christmas dinner!

We spoiled each other a bit this year cause it was the first Christmas since we have been married where we could afford to! So we got a new 40 inch flat screen as a present to the both of us. Nate got me an amazing bubble bath set from fruits and passions, the raddest leather purse from beaded dreams a local native store along with a rabbits paw and fox tail! Also two shirts n9ot pictured that I am in love with. I am a lucky lady!

 (the boys couch lol)

Hope everyone got to enjoys their holidays as much as we did, and that you all spend your new years with the ones you love!