Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

After almost a year of not blogging (and probably alienating my thousands of weekly readers), I am ready to get back in the swing of things!

It has been a pretty tough year in our family and that is pretty much what stole me away from all my blogging fun. And all though it may be a bit personal many of you have followed me on the internet for so many years and shared so many events in my life with me. Be they good or bad and I feel like I owe you all a little explanation for my sudden retreat from the web.

During the holiday season last year my father fell ill. Shortly after we found out he had pancreatic cancer and did not have very long to live. He went faster than any of us imagined and within 8 weeks of starting to feel ill he was gone.

8 weeks is barely enough time to accept you have cancer let alone say the things that need to be said or tie up loose ends. My fathers passing at the young age of 56 left a huge hole in all of our lives as he was the life of the party, the performer and the best friend that held us all together during our struggles in life. He was always there to give you a huge bear hug, discus hard topics over a scotch or sing you your favorite song with his trusty guitar.

Since I was little I was for sure a daddy's girl. Following him to his baseball games to be the bat girl, or going fishing at the crack of dawn at the cottage. So I stayed strong for him through his short illness. Dressed nice for him for every visit to the hospital, kept a smile on my face for him and kept him laughing right till the end.

I have never been one to sit around feeling sorry for myself or wallowing in sadness. So after my father passed I gave myself 2 weeks off from life. 2 weeks to be a sloth in my pjs all day and eat all the junk food and cry my eyes out. But once those 2 weeks were up I went back to work and went back to all my normal routines. Sure certain situations still bring me to tears, and the sound of his favorite songs in the background while out in public makes me want to run and hide. But these are all things I would have to get used to. 

Its been 8 months now since my handsome and wonderful father Donald J Robichaud passed away. Nothing will ever ease the pain. But with each passing day it becomes a little easier to see his photos, and to smile when I hear his favorite songs(he was really in to music) instead of crying.

I would give anything for one more year, month, week or even day with my day. But I feel so glad that knowing there was nothing the doctors could do for him, my father passed so fast and was not made to live months in the excruciating daily pain he felt. 

I gave been so lucky to be supported by my husband, family and extended surrogate family (you all know who you are) this past year and cannot imagine getting through any of this without you guys.

So with all that being said and off my chest, I am now back! We bought a house this year so be expecting a million house reno and deco updates. And thanks to all of you for the emails over the past year. Some worried some letting me know how much you missed my posts. It truly meant a lot to know you guys even noticed I was gone lol.