Thursday, December 5, 2013

Living Room Loving!

Since moving into the house we have been working on a 1000 and 1 projects that seem to be never ending! Rooms are are finally starting to come together and so that is a pretty exciting feeling!

Our living room is finally not feeling like a large void space so I figured I'd share it with you guys, still some pieces to find and some life to add in here but I am pretty happy with it so far!

First off here are the before pictures (sorry they are so tiny I saved them off the mls listing and they were super crappy resolution)

This was the ONLY non wallpapered and freshly painted room in the house. But of course it was taupe and blah and I just couldn't live with it so we painted it white along with the rest of the house to start with a fresh slate!

We were able to re use the curtains we had made for our old apartment which I was super happy about cause I still love them.

Yes our whole entire lives are antique and aqua and this is something I have come to accept lol, I can't help it. It's all I ever seem to be drawn too!

Next we had a large empty back wall to the room and it needed a project! I was inspired by this photo I saw online of a re-purposed mantle without a fire place and I went with it!

I found a dirt cheap  used wood mantle on craigs list. I painted random patches in aqua, used a crackle medium over them and then painted over it all in white to get this aged look to it. I also sanded it a bit and added a few coats of varnish to finish it off.

I am slowly working on the back wall behind the couch but it`s a bit tougher. I am hunting down antique ceiling medallions used for lighting and refinishing them all in white to cover to create a textured accent wall. The new ones are insanely over priced so I refuse to give in and buy them (ones the size of the large ones pictured run about 85$ - $125). 4 down a million more to find! Also how magical are our peaked door ways!!

The back wall with the tv and storage are still super lack luster minus our beautifully refinished sideboard which we are using as a tv stand. I am still on the hunt for a piece to use as dvd storage. And we also plan on wall mounting the tv and hiding the boxes away in the side board drawers.

So not fully complete but I am super happy with  how it is coming along! The master bath is SOOOO close to being done as well as the dinning room. So be expecting posts of those rooms soon!