Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nail Of The Week

Been slacking on my nail posts this month sorry guys! So this time around I took a picture of my most recent additions to my polish collection! You'll notice my addiction top F21 love and beauty polishes is a little intense. But I find the quality better then almost all drugstore brands and at half the price!? To good to be true!

But first off here are my talons of the week! I crossed over to the dark side and got acrylics. Didn't like my first set. So I went to another salon (Queen Nails) for my next fill and they did an amazing job and fixed the shape to exactly what I wanted! I love them.

Alright now onto my collection! 

My favorite most recent purchase is that silver sparkle Misa brand polish. I got it at trade secrets for 7.95$ and was blown away at the results. 2 coats and you'll have a solid glitter nail that catches every light. so pretty on! I think I will be buying some more Misa polishes since I loved it so much!

Least fave recent purchase is that purple Revlon color in the last photo. No matter how thin of layers I do and how long I let it dry between layers it dries with air bubbles and just looks gross. Super bummer because I really loved the color.