Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adventures In Food: The Whalesbone Edition

We live literally a block from this super cozy restaurant called The Whalesbone. They are a seafood restaurant, there for I have been a  few times because seafood is an addiction for me.

 (stole this from google images cause I forgot to snap a pic of the outside)

Having so much family out east when I was growing up, I would spend summers out there and try everything under the sun. There for I am not scared of anything food wise these days. Which is good because they specialize in oyesters! OMG THE OYSTERS! K but let me get back on track.

So Nate always hears me rave about how amazing the food there is and wanted to go. It is pretty pricey there so we saved it for a special occasion. Last night was out wedding anniversary so we made some reservations to have dinner there. Reservations are  a must, I have never been there and not seen this place full to the brim. Last night was the perfect example, 7pm on a Wednesday night that also happened to be Halloween and had we not had reservations we for sure would have been sent packing lol.

This place is very tiny and generally you are sitting pretty close to the next table, but I find it adds to the homey cozy atmosphere of the restaurant.

We started off with oysters! The Whalesbone is a local distributor for fresh sustainable seafood out of their retail store on Kent a few blocks from the restaurant (they sell the the public as well and have an awesome little lunch menu out of the retail store). Not to mention they run the Ottawa Oyster Fest. So when you are getting oysters here you know just how fresh they are going to be!

They serve them with every type of sauce and reduction under the sun to choose from. I think Nate was a little scared at first but he loved them!  They gave us a selection with some from the east and west coast. I was pretty much in heaven.

Next was on to the mussels. We got a pound of PEI mussels served in a thai inspired broth with peanuts and herbs. IT WAS AMAZING! I will probly some time in the near future be tempted to go in on a normal night get 2 orders of these and count it as dinner lol.

For mains I got the lobster with chorizo and root veg and  Nate got the steak and  fries.

We both barely talked through our whole mains because they were soooooo good, we were busy being food focused lol. Don't let the pictures deceive you either these were huge platings. We were both about to burst by the time we were done.

Though that doesn't mean we were able to resist a desert lol. We got churros with chocolate! There are our so full we might puke bvut about to eat desert faces....

I don't even think we left crumbs on any of our plates everything was delicious and worth every penny of our very expensive bill lol.

Last but not least, food coma Nate and Wren soooo ready t go toss on some sweat pants amd hoodies and watch a movie <3