Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3 Years Worth Of Love

So today me and Nate have been married 3 years! I feel so lucky yo have such a wonderful man in my life to share in my every day adventures and struggles. It's been a great 3 years and I can't wait for what the future holds for us!

 Crazy how fast it's all gone by. Seems not that long ago that we shared our first dance together while my dad played our song on the guitar and I cried like a baby cause well I am a crier lol.

 Here's a little corny photo I made of us over the years. Engagement and 3 years of marriage!

Since the wedding we have wanted to get our wedding anniversary tattooed on us but we still had yet to do it. So today was the day! Our friend Pierre did them for us and it was the perfect way to spend part of our anniversary! (note that is was not intentional but my nails are he same colors as our wedding colors were lol)

I am a spoiled lady today, Nate got me my favorite perfume and the best little surprise present.

Growing up I LOVED Roseanne Halloween episodes. I saw someone post this online a few weeks back and was super jealous so it was pretty much the best surprise. I got him a few Fred Perry things since he never treats himself to stuff like that. He was a happy camper.

Tonight we're headed to The Whalesbone for a seafood induced food coma! It'[s been a great relaxing day with my favorite man<3