Monday, October 22, 2012

Nail Of The Week

I got a super tacky and awesome pair of leggings last week and wanted to do my nails to match them. I am a little obsessed with glitter accent nails at the moment as you might start to be able to tell...

Love & Beauty - Gold / Multi
OPI - Black Onyx
Essie - Good To Go

I LOVED this glitter polish from Love & Beauty. I find a lot of glitter polishes come too watered down and you literally need to do 8 coats to get a solid glitter look. This one was nice and thick what you see on my nails is 2 coats!

Now that being said I have some other glitters from F21 that take the 8 coats lol so it's hit or miss but regardless I am stoked on this one!

Stay tuned next week for a nail polish haul post cause I have been buying loaaaads of polish lately.