Friday, October 12, 2012

Gypsy & Company Bag Sale!

I had a great girlie afternoon with my friend Erin. We went to Art-Is-In Bakery for lunch, which was AMAZING ( I will be blogging about it soon I promise). Afterwards we headed over to my friend Aria`s awesome store to hit up there bag sale!

The concept is that you get one bag to fill up with all their awesome goods and whatever you can fit in there costs you $35! We both scored some pretty awesome deals. well over $150 worth of project for $35!

Perfect DIY fall pull-over

Super cute kimono style top that is going to be so perfect in the spring time. Stoked it has little pockets on the  front too

SOOOO stoked on my tacky velour Christmas cardigan

Reworked sweater turned into a sweater dress with hidden pockets on either side

Houray for the perfect huge black sunglasses! I lost my favorite pair so stoked to replace them!

If you are thinking of hitting up this sale tonight would be the perfect time top go. As the sale kick off tonight after 8pm is a 19+ booze'n'bags party!With music and 4$ drinks while you rummage for vintage finds!