Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nail Of The Week - Halloween Edition

I saw a bunch of tutorials online for these blood splatter nails and had to try them out!

All you need is a base coat of white or I've seen it done with nude too that looked nice, a red color and a straw.

Quo by Orly - Red Hot
Sally Hansen - White on
Essie - Good To Go

Put a litle puddle of the red polish on a piece of paper, dip straw in it. Place it over nail and blow hard on other ebnd of straw to get the effect.

It gets pretttty  messy so be sure to not do it around nice things. And be prepaired for lots of hand and cuticle clean up of the splatter red that ended up in places you didn't want it.

The aftermath of cleaning up my hands to make them look presentable lol: