Monday, July 23, 2012

And Then I Was A Cover Girl

Pretty stoked the cover I shot for Tattoo Life came out this week in Europe! It will be in North America by the end of the month. I have a two page feature with more pictures and an interview inside if you guys want to check it out. Here's the cover image...

Shot by Dale May

I also found out this week I got a really great job back East in my home town so I can finally make plans for my move and I start the job towards the end of next month! 2010 finally looks like it's turning my way!

As far as my crafting side goes, I made a rosary by hand this week using pearls off two old necklaces my great grandmother had left me when she passed away.

 A few of you had asked how to make one so HERE is a video on how to turn eye pins and beads into chain links to create the necklace. And HERE is  diagram on traditional rosary spacing aka where to put the beads and how many.

 I also took a raw foods cooking class earlier this week, the theme was RawBQ so raw foods resembling typical summer BBQ foods! I will have a blog up by the end of the weekend with recipes for everything since a few of you had asked for them!

Hope everyone has a great fathers day weekend!