Monday, July 23, 2012

The Big 2-5

Soooo This old bird just celebrated a birthday this month! I turned 25, and possibly had a mid life crisis lol.

But I was lucky enough to have some amazing friends around to help me celebrate! Mary and Tayte came down from LA for the weekend. Plus Drew, Nikki and Swindle were heading over to celebrate! I of course made some cupcakes for the party. We all had a few drinks at our place then headed off to Beauty Bar where Drew had an awesome lil suprise for me set up! VIP section and bottles of champagne on ice!!!!

Drew is so wonderful she also tattooed me for me birthday the week prior. SOOOOO in love with both of them, here is what I got...

Annnnd once every one was gone and the weekend had died down, me and Nathan headed to the movies to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It was all I asked for for my birthday and it was perfect!

Alright so for tomorrow I'm planning some updates with modeling pictures I haven't posted yet on here and some stories behind them. With the usual links to all the magical people behind em!