Monday, July 23, 2012

Scentsy and Summer Snacks

I have an addiction to a magical smelling home. Scented candels stress me out to have going all the time with the dogs around.

My mom got me hooked on an awesome product called Scentsy. They are scented waxes melted over a pretty ceramic base with a light bulb inside. ( they have loads of different warmer bases to pick from we have 2 large ones and a plug-in in the kitchen)

 I just ordered my summer scents and they got here today. Excited for a fresh smelling home! All the bars I had were very wintery smells and didn't seem fitting this time of year.

If you are thinking or ordering any for summer Beach is my top pic! You can order it all direct through their website linked above or find a local distributor. I am officially an Scentsy addict and you probly will be too if you try it out.

So as you all know I love food! I get lazy in the summer and need to find simple snacks to beat the heat. My top go to snacks at the moment are Edamame and cheese!!!

Presidents Choice finally has frozen in shell edamame and I am a little too stoked cause they used to be so hard to find up here in Canada unless you went to Costco and I don't make my way out there super often.

 I like putting a lemon pepper spice I have on them with a little bit of sea salt!

I am also hooked on Boursin cheese at the moment and wine. Perfect summer mix!

And on that note I am hungry and off to go make some lunch lol!