Monday, July 23, 2012

Holiday Wrap Up

Alright so I have been insanely busy since the holidays and have slacked on writing you guys an update on how we spent our holidays! So here it goes!

This was the first Christmas with my parents living back East. We have spent holidays together out here but it was never quite the same because we had no central hub that was our own to spend them. So it was so nice to have my parents house to all share the holidays together!

I was up very early on Christmas eve morning hanging out with Dolly in our xmas sweaters!

We spent Christmas eve at my parents best friends house and had an amazing spread of seafood and appatizers! Don't know if I have ever been so full in my life!

They have three dogs of their own, plus Dolly and her daughters bulldog Winston it was like a zoo! The pups were all so pooped out by the end of the night to say the least! SO here aresome pictures from that night.

Dolly and Tilly sniffin out the situation

 The Silverii family too full for smiles

Dolly and Tilly at the end of the night ready to go to sleep and wait for Santa!

Once we wrapped up our night there we set out on the hour long drive to my parents place in Perth. Got in around midnight all had a drink or two and got the tree and stockings and last minute wrapping ready for the morning. We started out morning with gifts and mango Belinis ( yes my mom is super cute and made belinis for xmas am).

Then it was on to breakfast!
Poached egg with ham brie and chives and spiced shortbread cookies

We relaxed all afternoon and watched movies while the turkey cooked on the bbq! As always my mom made an epic dinner and set a gorgeous table so here are some pictures of all that.

And lastly here is a picture of where my parents are living, a christmas afternoon walk and Dolly pooped out from all the festivities in her new blanket!

All in all we had an amazing holiday season and it was shared with the people who matter most in our lives. I coulnd't have asked for anything more! We had a skype date with my aunt Leslie and Nates family in California who weren't able to be here so that was really nice too!

I hope everyone had as great a holiday as we did and that 2012 is off to a great start for all of you!