Monday, July 23, 2012

Apartment Facelift

Alright so we had planned on moving cause our place needed some serious renos, once we found a new place our current landlords offered to help pay to fix up our place if we stayed cause they love us so much lol. Since we love our area and our neighbours we thought it was a great idea to stay. And so the renos began! I am gonna go by room by room with pictures here for you guys

First off the stairs. Here is a picture of our inspiration (not colour wise just the idea of the wallapaer backed stairs) and a before and then progress pics

I have finished painting all the stairs but haven't got a picture yet. I have to choose a wallpaper still and pick up some tiles for the bottom of the stairs. Up the side wall where the shelves were we will have a cluster wall of frames and art! After pictures by the end of the month
Next the floors. We had nasty ratty carpet in here so we got laminate floors. I took the pups to my parents for the weekend and Nate put them in.

The 1/4 round wasn't painted in that last picture but it is all painted now and we love it!

Next livingroom. When we first moved in we had nothing since we had just moved back from San Diego and everything was hand me downs so our before is pretty meek looking lol. the curtains are going up on Sunday and the pillows for the couch will be done by the end of the month all thanks to my moms amazing custom drapes!

This one just needs some doors on the front and it's all done!

This is a  chest I have  had in my family home since I was a kid. It will end up going in the hallway under some art work to double as a bench for putting on shoes and what not. But until we find the perfect coffee table for the livingroom it will stay in here

The two pieces of fabric with the dogs are for accent pillows on the couch and the large roll of fabric is the curtain fabric! They will be installed on Sunday so I will get some pictures up then they are AMAZING!

Now onto the kitchen. We have just barely started but heres what we've got so far.

So those are the befores

This is it so far. We are changing out the ceiling light ( it will go in our stairway) the floors are being redone and we are refacing the cupboards. We just bought the table but have yet to find the perfect chairs to go with. Sheers also still need to be added to the curtains. So it is all a work in progress but here are a few cute pieces I have bought for the kitchen

 Awesome little vintage spoon rest I found on Etsy

I bought these on etsy as well in a yellow to match the curtains!

So there is our house progress up till now! Many official after pictures to come in the next month or so. I can't wait!

Miss you guys and sorry for being useless for the last little while!