Monday, July 23, 2012

Sick Little Bird

Alright since everyone on twitter has been asking I figured I'd explain whats up here. So in January 2009 I was in a lot of pain daily. It took a few months the diagnosed me, I had some procedures done and this all a few weeks before leaving for the states. We figured it was all taken care of.

Well as it turns out what I had diagnosed was just an underlying problem of something much worse. As I have been getting sicker and in more pain with each passing week. Since I clearly have pre existing conditions, I cannot be covered under my husbands retarded American health care plan. And the specialists and procedures I need to have done are all far to expensive to be paying out of pocket when I can just fly home to Canada and have it all done for free.

Sadly though this pushes our plans to move to Canada ahead way to fast. We have not saved as much as we would like to and I clearly won't be able to work in Canada and Nathan's paperwork is just in it's beginning stages for him to be able to work in Canada. So as heartbreaking as it is I am going to have to be apart form him for a few months. While he finishes out our lease here and ties up loose ends.

So no I am not getting divorced or deported. And yes I love my husband very much, but I won't be doing him much good 6 feet under. Health comes above all else. SO I'll be heading back to Canada withing the next month. Looks like I'm in for another lonely summer in the Okanagan. BLAH

The End