Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday Wanderings

So we had planned to go to The Taco Lot (usually I would link to them but they have zero online presence atm aside from all the food bloggers and fans) that just opened this week in Hintoburg. It's been selling out every day since they opened. But today was SUPER cold out and it is legit just a little shack with a walk up window so we decided to stock up on some donuts from Suzy Q's next door and head down the street to Hintonburger so that we could sit inside and be warm while enjoying wildly unhealthy food lol.

 Alright so here's what we got from Suzy Q's this time around

On the left are Dirty Chocolate, In the middle are caramel dipped with roasted almonds on top ( so far I have only had one of these and it was AMAZING) and on the left Is lemon donut with rasepberry coating  and white chocolate donut. Nate ate that one and said it was  delish!

Now onto Hintonburger. This burger spot is right up the street and used to be in Suzy Q's spot. They have AMAZING home made tasting burger and the best fries! And now the bonus is that you can sit down and enjoying it with the extra space they got!

This was our first time and we went with the classic order of of course the hintonburger which is a bacon cheese burger. We have heard soooo many great things about this place and it lived upto all our expectations!

Afterwards we took a nice little walk around to try and get rid of our food coma lol. Me and Nate ended up getting some cute little trinkets at Heavens to Betsey . We headed home and my mom measured all our windows for new curtains! She helped me pick out the paint colours for the place too! All in all it was a very nice Saturday afternoon spent with two of my favorite people!

Hope you're all having a good weekend!