Monday, July 23, 2012

My Fall Closet

Alright if you guys hadn't caught on already , I LOVEEEEE to shop! So I felt it only fitting that I post a blog of all the things I feel I would die without for this fall season. ( Note that I was to lazy to bust out my camera so the ones I could not find in google images I just stole some similar pictures)

And to begin!


I'm all about beaters and v necks in white grey and black. As well as DIY halters from band shirts and other such fun things (yes i own both those halters be jealous :p) and PLAIDDDD


Leggings and stockings of any sort, the tackier the better lol



Boots / Shoes

Thigh highs, buckles, moccasins and as always a classic semi rounded toe black pump

I'm still looking for the perfect flat brown boot, strongly considering a pair or minnetonka boots.


Cropped leather and denim jackets, Fringe purses, feathers and crosses and bird skulls

Oh well there you have it, my fall closet pieces I would urn for if i didn't have lol

Aside from all that I have just been busy wedding planning and getting ready for the big move down south!

Hope all is well with you guys!